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Video Release Party

  • Sea Monster Lounge 2202 North 45th Street Seattle, WA, 98103 United States (map)

Funny story: our new album ("The Curtain Show" coming in September) started out as a much smaller idea. My phone was full of little melodies, half formed songs and snippets of good ideas (well, I thought they were good:)). At the same time I had been wanting to focus more on collaboration, specifically with singers, and here I was sitting on all this unused and undeveloped material; the two presented as an obvious match.

I also decided to try something a little different: can we create something interesting, meaningful and complete while keeping it concise? I'm talking 90 seconds to 2 minutes. Could we be substantive and brief?

What we got was so good we had to get back into the studio a month later and complete the album. We are incredibly excited to debut the videos we captured during the experience.
45th St Brass on YouTube

Annie Jantzer
Eva Walker
Davin Michael Stedman
D'Vonne Lewis

Carter Yasutake
Chris Littlefield
Jason Cressey
Dave Marriott
Peter Daniel
Nelson Bell
Jon Hill
Ehssan Karimi