ORDER The Mothership and the Other Ship (EP)


ORDER The Mothership and the Other Ship (EP)

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Our official EP release date is April 23 and we're hosting a party at the Seamonster Lounge (we do hope you can join us), but you can order one right now and we'll send it to you the most practical way we have available at the moment (currently that's the USPS, but after the Apocalypse that might be by donkey). You won't even need to leave the house (but you still can if you want to)!

We're doing a sliding-scale pricing model so thank you for your contribution; it means a lot to us to get to share this music with you all. To stay informed on updates about the EP and to be notified of the shipping date, share your email with us at checkout. Oh, and you can listen to the first track down at the bottom!


1 Monkeys are Heavy
3 The Mothership (and the Other Ship)
4 Happy Dance Fun Time
5 The Adventure Song

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